At your initial consultation, we will begin by having you give us additional information about yourself via a medical history form, and complete information on your insurance, privacy policies, and your phone and mail contacts. We invite you to print the forms from our web site to allow you to complete them forms prior to your appointment.

Dr. Woods will perform an oral examination to determine your orthodontic needs and will discuss with you option for treatment. Her staff will discuss with you options for treatment, and her staff will discuss various payment arrangements that include your insurance and/or monthly payment plans.


If you are ready for treatment at the time of the initial consultation and you are in agreement with the financial plan that is offered, we can proceed to take orthodontic records. The records consist of photographs inside and outside of your mouth, x-rays of your profile and your jaws and teeth, and a scan of your teeth for 3-D models of your teeth. These records are needed to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and to confirm that there are no contraindications to treatment. Any changes to the treatment plan will be discussed after the records have been reviewed. We set aside an hour for your initial appointment.

Patients who are not ready for treatment will be invited to return at a later date to begin the records process. Some patients need additional growth, loss of additional baby teeth, completion of dental restorations, or other maturation or treatments prior to the start of orthodontic treatment for the best results. We would like each person’s treatment to cover the shortest amount of time possible, as having treatment makes it difficult to easily clean your teeth. The longer braces are on, the more we are apt to see cavities form around the braces, which can ruin the look of the straight teeth. Therefore, we want to choose the correct time for best results for your treatment.

Although the initial consultation itself is free, if you wish to proceed with treatment and start with orthodontic records at your initial visit, we will discuss your insurance and payment plans.

We accept VISA and MasterCard, bank checks and cash, and request that payment be made at the time of service.