Salem Smiles is proud to offer traditional bracket and wire braces that are efficient, effective, and affordable. For those looking for a bit more discretion during their treatment, we also offer clear top braces paired with metal bottom braces.

Traditional metal braces

Today’s metal braces aren’t like those of the past. They are made of high-grade stainless steel and are sleeker and more comfortable than ever. With increased efficiency, it’s no wonder they are still so commonly used. And for patients who want to completely personalize their treatment, they can even choose their favorite colors for their ligature ties.

Pros of metal braces:

  • Sleeker and more comfortable than ever before
  • Excellent option for patients of all ages, especially younger patients
  • Can personalize treatment with favorite colors

Cons of metal braces:

  • Can take time to adjust to having the metal piece in your mouth
  • Will need to avoid eating certain foods during treatment

Clear braces

Clear braces are comprised of the same components as metal braces but are designed to blend in better with the natural smile. Brackets can be clear or made of tooth-colored ceramic, rather than metal. They are ideal for patients who want the reliability of metal braces, but without the metal look.

Pros of clear braces:

  • Blend in better with the natural smile, making them less noticeable
  • Provide the reliability of metal braces

Cons of clear braces:

  • More prone to staining so it’s important to pay close attention to oral care
  • Patients will have to avoid certain foods