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We offer a number of services to assist our patients

  • Treatment of patients with craniofacial anomalies, such as cleft palate, craniosynostosis, Pierre Robin syndrome, and other congenital problems, particularly in relation to surgeries and speech therapy.
  • Sleep appliances for patients with mild sleep apnea and/or simple snoring. Our device is a simple plastic mouthpiece that moves the lower jaw forward, much like when initiating CPR to “open the airway.” Although simple, these devices are custom fit and are very effective in the treatment of apnea and snoring. We request that these patients have copies of their Sleep Tests sent to our office prior to the Initial Consultation, and have a referral by their physician sent or faxed to our office.
  • Orthodontic treatment in conjunction with surgical treatment. Some malocclusions are caused by overgrowth of the facial bones and are corrected by a surgical repositioning of the bones for best alignment. Your treatment will need to be coordinated between your oral surgeon and Dr. Shoaf for best results.
  • Custom mouth guards for sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, roller derby, martial arts and baseball. These are more comfortable and often provide more protection than commercially available mouth guards.
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1063 W Northwest Blvd
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